Laura Giampaolo

Laura Giampaolo is the co-founder and Lead Designer of G&N Interiors International Design.

Ms. Giampaolo has over 32 years of experience in the field of interior design and has worked extensively on projects incorporating all types of styles and various budgets. Her global travels include clients in New York, Norway, and Saudi Arabia, which have helped Ms. Giampaolo hone and perfect her craft in the field of design.

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Dvorah Nafisee

Dvorah Nafisee is the founder and Operational Director of G&N Interiors International Design.

Prior to forming G&N Interiors, Mrs. Nafisee worked alongside several talented interior designers, acting as head coordinator and assistant designer, bringing extensive experience in all aspects of business operations. Mrs. Nafisee has resided in several continents, exposing her to a multitude of cultures and backgrounds. Ms. Nafisee attended the University of Arizona, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts.

Sheema Nafisee

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Zachary Duke

Zachary Duke is the lead Web Administrator of the G & N Interiors International Design website.

Before being contacted by the G & N team, Zach earned experience through several smaller web projects as an assistant developer. In this time, he earned a stellar reputation for his worth ethic and motivation. Every project is a learning opportunity for Zach, thus he strives to utilize every new experience to it's fullest.

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